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About Our Connections

We strive to have as many direct connections to payers as possible. We are able to transmit to over 6000 payers via any means. Current methods are BBS, secure FTP, FTPI, PGP encrypted FTP, HTTPS and FTP via dial up networking. The frequency of transmissions depends on restrictions placed by the payer. We also work with several clearing houses to transmit and receive files ad hoc. Download the most current payer list above in .pdf or .xls format (Please note on the Excel spreadsheet there are multiple tabs beyond what you see when you first open the document.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If you do not have a relationship with a current payer, are you able to print the claim to paper and send? What do you do if a paper claim is undeliverable?
A: Yes, but if the volume was great enough we would pursue an electronic connection. Our claim management suite verifies the recipient’s address via the USPS before the claim is printed and mailed. In the event the claim was mailed and undeliverable, a reject message appears to the client.

Q: What is the process for recruiting payers for electronic relationships? If a health plan would like to join, what is the time period needed to implement?
A: If it is determined we have a significant volume of claims per month or otherwise deemed appropriate by eProvider Solutions a dialogue is opened with the payer for creating an electronic connection. The time table for implementation is driven by the payer and their timelines and processes. eProvider Solutions desires to bring new connections to production status as soon as possible.

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