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This is a very specialized program that leverages eProvider Solutions' expertise in claims processing to the full advantage of our clients. The exact process is tailored to each specific clients needs, but in general we take a 4-step approach.

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Our 4-step Approach

1. Identify Issues

We start by reviewing invalid and rejected claims to determine areas that need improvement

2. Recommendations
& Next Steps

We provide a detailed plan for achieving specific goals that will decrease denials or speed up payments

3. Track Progress

Take Client data and run it though various analysis programs to generate detailed reports.

4. Recurring Followup

Follow-up is tailored to each clients specific needs. Training the clients staff to effectively deal with common claim issues is included in the followup process.

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EDI Boost

Supplement your billing office to maintain the flow of payments.


Versatile and feature rich, claim converter. 4010 or 5010 formats.

IQ Eligibility

Real Time to over 450 payers including YTD deductible & co-pay.