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Claims Processing with Online Manager

eProvider Solutions offers providers a way to increase their office productivity and cash flow with real time claims management solutions that meet mandated HIPAA compliance. eClaims is an internet-based, all-payer solution that submits and tracks each claim’s status related messages from initial transmission to final payment in a true paperless format. It works with your existing practice management system and can accept ANSI, NSF or HCFA print image files. Keep reading for a brief overview of the key advantages of eClaims or Download a detailed view of eClaims' features.


Increase Staff Productivity
Decrease Days In A/R


Increase Productivity

Quick & Easy translates Fast & Powerful

Find Things Quickly

  • Get Real Time Claim Status, at-a-glance
  • Look-up claims by many criteria: dates, provider, payer, status, and more
  • Instantly search ICD Code Directory

Edit Claims Directly

  • Just Double-Click a Claim to edit it
  • Edit any ANSI field directly in eClaims
  • Saves time by not having to return to your billing software to make claim changes.

Create Rule-Based Tasks

Tasks are a powerful, yet flexible, way to optimize site workflow. Examples include:

  • Create event driven tasks to alert staff of  anything out of the ordinary
  • Use tasks to create work queues for specific staff
  • Use tasks to monitor claim progress

Support at your Fingertips

With eClaims you never have to chase down support when you have an issue. Any staff member can simply push F8 at any time in eClaims to initiate a support issue. Support staff responds quickly.

Decrease Days in A/R

Little Issues Can Be A BIG Problem

Powerful Reporting

Identify recurring issues, research claim analysis, and optimize workflow with these reports:

  • Change Log
  • Claim Analysis
  • Clean Claim Report
  • Etc.

Check Eligibility in eClaims

  • This can prevent invalid or rejected claims
  • Check individual claims or entire batches
  • Real-time results from over 400 payers including Y-T-D deductible and co-pay

Clinical Claim Scrubbing

  • Runs before claim transmission to help eliminate lower reimbursements, denials and appeals
  • Key edits include: PQRS, e-Prescribing, Therapy G-Codes, and more
  • Click on LCD and NCD errors and it will take you directly to that policy on the CMS website
  • See More Features

Send Patient Statements

  • Send Statements directly from eClaims
  • Address verification and immediate access to revise inaccuarcies
  • Unopened email statements auto-generate a paper statement
  • Give clients option to opt in for email statements instead of paper statments
  • More patients pay upon initial receipt of their statement if they have the option to pay online
  • patient portal for online payments, no need to have your own

Powerful Extensions

Get even more productivity optimizing features with these integrated services

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EDI Boost

Supplement your billing office to maintain the flow of payments.


Versatile and feature rich, claim converter. 4010 or 5010 formats.

IQ Eligibility

Real Time to over 450 payers including YTD deductible & co-pay.