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Economy Claims Processing With Integrity


Key Features

  • Web-based access
  • Reporting
  • Accepting ANSI, NSF, and Print Image Files
  • Receive reports on faulty claims prior to submission to the payer
  • Great customer support

Quality. Speed. Economy.

eDirect provides you with a feature rich claim submission solution. This is a stand-alone product that is a replacement option for those using traditional clearinghouse services today. With this option you do not use claims management software - this is simply a pass through solution. If you are interested in more fully managing your claims try eClaims. eDirect includes web-based access, full claim tracking, and reporting. We accept claims in a Print Image, NSF, or ANSI format. You will receive reports on claims not passing the basic edits prior to submission to the payer, as well as, reject reports from the payers. These reports are received directly by web access or can be sent to a secure FTP site.

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EDI Boost

Supplement your billing office to maintain the flow of payments.


Versatile and feature rich, claim converter. 4010 or 5010 formats.

IQ Eligibility

Real Time to over 450 payers including YTD deductible & co-pay.