"Just seeing how free our staff feels to contact your staff even in these learning stages displays that this will go well for both you and us!” - Sue K. | Accounting Manager

Team-Oriented Support

Commitment to quality support is our tradition.

Our staff takes a team approach to resolving issues. Our clients have found that we treat their problems as if they were our own. Which means we act promptly and follow through. We have often rallied to assist clients through difficult situations, which involve tasks well above and beyond what other companies would provide.

We’re all involved in customer support.   

One of the benefits of our size is that our support staff has easy access to our programming and technical support for faster resolution of complex issues. We’re not in separate wings or separate buildings. We’re a team, and each one of us, from the president on down, takes our clients’ individual issues personally. Whoever needs to get involved to resolve an issue quickly gets involved. Some organizations see our size and think we can’t handle their claim volume. But the truth is, our system is more efficient than large customer support centers that may have staff from overseas or staff that don’t understand your claims processing issues. We’ve had clients come to us from larger clearinghouses that hadn’t received payments from some payers in months because their clearinghouse couldn’t resolve an issue. After we got them on board, they were receiving payments again sometimes in a matter of a few days, but definitely in the payer’s normal paying cycle.

Our consistent and timely resolution of problems is a product of two things:
  1. customer satisfaction is our number one priority (we’re not in business merely to transact claims, but rather to expedite the A/R process of our clients), and
  2. not only are the people handling your issues great at their given professions, but they are all experienced - many experts - in the claims processing industry.

Training-Oriented Support

It starts with a desire to educate.

Our mission to provide an outstanding customer experience also translates into a desire to educate and equip our clients for success in meeting their business goals. Flexible and cost effective training options are available for all our products. We have training facilities that provide a comfortable learning environment for your staff. We also offer on-site and over the phone training.

We believe good training goes a long way.

Our training starts with the jobs people do, not with the software. By focusing on the real tasks the user must perform, our training is faster and more cost effective.

We view training as a process, not a single event. Training is carefully crafted to include real tasks, drawn from real examples. Our training is hands-on, relevant, and documented in the language of the users. The staff who attend our classes leave with a feeling of being in control of their work. From the moment they leave our sessions, they are able to do their jobs with proficiency and confidence, utilizing the software to increase productivity.

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